My Story

Born in Midland Ontario in June of 1971 and 3 months pre-mature, I was raised on a marina on Georgian Bay that was owned and operated as a family business by my grandparents, parents and extended family.

Having a natural tendency to fashion, beauty and aesthetics (and not sailing) I soon realized that my passion was in beauty rather than boats and I began my career at a local salon and spa as an assistant over a summer break in 1985. After only a few months I knew this was the profession for me and I enrolled in Cosmetology graduating in 1987. At the time, I was the first man to graduate an aesthetics program in the country as well as the youngest, graduating with honours and awards.

Shortly after graduating I opened my first salon and spa in Penetanguishene, Ontario. Although at the time it should have been more than anyone would dream of (owning your own business out of school) I also had a dream of a larger life and I sold and moved to Toronto in 1989. My first job in Toronto was at Yonge and St.Clair at a salon and spa where I was practicing both hair styling, make-up and aesthetics.

During the early 90’s I also worked in a modelling and talent agency as the beauty advisor and responsible for the hair and make-up for all photo-shoots and runway shows.

In 1993 after surgery on my wrists I decided to follow my interest in the up-and-coming practice of Medical Aesthetics and Micropigmentation obtaining certification at the Lafontaine Surgery Center in Toronto.

During the rest of the 90’s I worked in several high-end spa’s in the Yorkville area such as Sudi’s and the Toronto School or Aesthetics. My focus was medical skin peels, laser treatments, scar revision and micropigmentation (permanent make-up). I also created and produced my own brand of cosmetics that was sold throughout Canada and the United States.

In 2003, after meeting my husband Ben, I moved back to the area of my hometown settling in Orillia and establishing the regions first full time Medical spa the Anti-Aging Clinic & Dispensary Inc. After opening the anti-aging clinic, I started educating Ben in Aesthetics which he has been now practicing for a decade. Ben’s focus is body sculpting and wellness. My clinic also employs a physician, nurse, laser technician, body technician as well as myself and offers leading procedures and exclusive proven protocols.

I opened ZenLife Vitality Retreat in 2005 and was the first Medical-Spa to incorporate fitness, health and wellness protocols to address anti-aging concerns for total body health. In 2007, I incorporated a Medical body sculpting division to my clinic adding procedures like laser lipo, laser fat and cellulite reduction, whole body vibration and the Alpha™ Sauna Pod health capsule. I later added Ultrasonic Cavitation in 2009 and Mono/Bi/Tri&Quad pole RF Radio Frequency for circumferential loss and skin tightening in 2010.

Due to a major flood, ZenLife Vitality Retreat closed it’s doors in January 2014 however, the good news is I replaced the older technology with the latest head-to-toe anti-aging automated technology..

In 2004 I began micro-needling the face under the delegation of my associate and colleague Dr. Nadir Aljazawri. Although I had already been dry needling since the early 90’s for scar revision the thought of needling the face was not here on our shores at that time. Securing a micro-needle roller exporter from Europe, I began using rollers in my practice and teaching for various roller brand manufacturers and importers for several years. I eventually established my own roller brand called

In 2013 to celebrate my clinic’s 10th year anniversary I decided to take a muse and hold a public head-to-toe anti-aging Medical make-over showcasing the technology I have integrated into my practice as well as my talents to use them. Watch the short video below to see the results.

In 2012, my associate Dr. Nadir Aljazawri and I established OPlasma PRP therapy as well as OPeptide PRP support skin care and the OInstitute, Canada’s first PRP/Micro-Needle institute.

After close to a decade of micro-needling in 2013, I was asked to join Dermatude™ Canada as their advanced micro-needle/meta-therapy educator.

After  just over a year educating with Dermatude™ Canada, I was asked to collaborate with Dermapenworld™.

I also became a certified Phlebotomist in 2014 to be able to further assist with PRP procedures.

In 2013 after 20 years experience with micro-needling and 5 years working with PRP I was asked to share my exclusive protocols with doctors globally and I embarked on a world tour teaching in various cities in Europe, Canada and the United States.

In 2014 my PRP/Micro-Needle techniques were named byBlade and have been featured in several magazines and online forums.

Since working as an assistant in that salon back in 1986 it has been 32 years that I have been in the industry of health and beauty.   Now 32 years later I find myself looking back often happy with the decisions I have made.

I am extremely passionate about my work and my industry and I continue to educate myself as well as those around me. 

I currently still reside in Orillia operating my clinic as well as the institute with my husband Ben and our rescue animals Shiksa and Morty.