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“Blade has revolutionized microneedling! His experience and dedication to aesthetics surpass any instructor and clinician.

Blade’s novel techniques and teaching style have inspired me to confidently refocus my practice to deliver aesthetic services with superior results.

Retooled with his knowledge and my Dermapen, my patients’ skin is healthy, lustrous and their faces resculpted naturally.”-Thank you, Blade!
-Dr. Grace Francescato, ND

“If you are looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience, it’s time to visit Ben and Blade at the “anti-aging clinic and dispensary” in Orillia.

Everywhere we look today, there seems to be a product or facility boasting of “age defying technology”. If you want cutting edge, I recommend Blade Tiessen. Blade specializes in medical aesthetics – non-invasive procedures and therapies with visible, immediate results that truly work to reduce and repair the skin from the effects of aging and other adverse factors. He demonstrates an amazing knowledge of all things health-related, forever researching and experimenting with new products and procedures as well as following through in their application with continuous improvement to the services he provides. The pride and passion Blade takes in his work is what sets him and his establishment apart from others that provide similar services. In addition to his talent and expertise, he lives what he teaches without fail, a proactive, anti-aging lifestyle.

The “clinic” has so much more to offer than the name suggests and it doesn’t stop with Blade. Co-owner Ben Tiessen with his glowing personality adds his own unique flair to the establishment, operating “Zenlife Vitality Clinic” in the same location. Witty and flamboyant, Ben provides one on one coaching and supervision with “whole body vibration” training as well as being involved with a host of other specialties that the facilities have to offer.

There is more to youth than simply appearance. Sustaining it requires a mindset and sense of well-being that this dynamic team can evoke in anyone, incorporating “innovative holistic athletics and aesthetics to achieve elevated health, beauty and total body vitality at any age or fitness level.” That’s the mission statement and as far as I am concerned – mission accomplished!Lori Futa, Midland

“I have used the services of the Anti-Aging Clinic in Orillia, Ontario for the past 10 years. For leading edge, professional, up-to-date and informed procedures and products, they are the best anywhere! The recent addition of ZenLife Vitality Retreat brings a welcomed ’whole body health’ aspect to the clinic. I wouldn’t be without the Anti-Aging Clinic in my daily life!”Suzanne Madill, Orillia

“In an industry full of deceit and fueled by money it is nice to find an establishment built on knowledge, technology and integrity. As a patient you will find comfort in the unbelievably passionate staff and professional futuristic-procedures, (not to mention the extremely moderate cost) as I assure you, you are in the best hands in the business.”Becky Hall, Newmarket

“I have been a patient of Blade’s for over 16 years, seeing him in both Yorkville (Toronto) and now commuting to Orillia for the past decade and I must say I would not trust anyone with my face other than him. Thanks for keeping this old broad from looking like a “Shar Pei”…because of you and the wonderful things you do I keep looking and feeling younger with every visit!”Angela May, Toronto

“Every experience at the clinic with both Blade and Ben is just fantastic! They are so knowledgeable about skin care (the latest and greatest),and I love the new ZenLife gym, the results are awesome, I’ve lost inches and toned up with ten minute sessions, three times a week which fits into my hectic schedule perfectly.”Gini Stringer, Orillia

“I have been a patient of the clinic & gym for about 6 weeks now….I have lost weight, upwards of 20lbs and my skin is feeling so great, new, fresh and vibrant! Lots of comments on how YOUNG I look!!! I feel the best I have ever felt. Every day with the vitamin injections I receive once a week and the workouts on the whole body vibration machines, and diet…has helped me to feel better than I felt at 17. It is my extreme pleasure to share this testimony with you all who are looking for some relief for our aging bodies; this is the clinic to go to. Highest recommendations!”Brenda Goss, Wasaga Beach

“I have been a dedicated (more like addicted) client ever since I first found out about the clinic in the summer, Ben and Blade are sensational in their wisdom to help us women, who are trying to slow down the effects of natural aging…I honestly have never looked or felt better, I am actually embracing my age, now that’s a true miracle. Thank you Ben and Blade!”Lia Partridge, Washago

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