byBlade Cosmeceutic


Blade has created the quintessential micro-needle post-treatment skin care.

Launching March 2017 Canada & USA

This exclusive range of skin care has been developed byBlade and an array of chemists in Canada to create the most complete and safe post-needling system available on the market.

With the launch of the byBlade line this spring 2017 in both Canada and the United States of America, Blade will first release his post-care products featuring a cleanser and toner with calming, soothing and hydrating ingredients as well as anti-bruising ingredients to promote rapid healing.

The byBlade line will also feature several serums to address the most common aging-related concerns such as a multi-vitamin cocktail with vitamin C and Ferrulic acid, a vegan stem cell serum with a trio of plant based stem cells as well as an all natural Argireline product that mimics the effects of Botulism type injections. There is also a serum called Aerify, a super oxygenating skin hydrating perfecter that has literally been flying off the shelves to Blade’s VIP clientele since the formula was first introduced in his clinic in Orillia Ontario last Fall.

The byBlade line also offers gels, creams and masks with several products in the line featuring the name “After Burn”. These products can be used immediately following clinical micro-needling procedures Blade explains. Not that the other products in the line could not be used immediately post treatment, they would be better suited for a patient with a few treatments under their belt as well as a  minimum of 3 weeks using said products to allow for any reactions that some patients may experience when changing skin care something that can happen with any change of products Blade explains.

With the release of the byBlade line of home-care based products Blade is excited to release his products formulated for use during treatment for practioners of his exclusive protocols worldwide later this summer..

Another VIP client favourite is his vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, 97% natural anti-aging BB cream a product so pure it can be used after even the most aggressive cosmetic procedures without concern to conceal any post treatment “beauty marks” left from the needles.

As Blade continues to treat his patients in clinic as well as his teaching abroad he required products for his students and patients as nothing had yet been specifically created for micro-needling. Many products on the market advertised for use with the micro-needling procedure contained several preservatives, colouring and fragrancing agents as well as thickeners, binders, animal derived ingredients etc…all of which Blade explains are contra-beneficial to the outcome of the treatment.

The byBlade “After Burn” line has ingredients chosen for healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, calming, regenerating and anti-bruising effects.

The rest of the by Blade line offers treatment products for pigmentation, anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation and much more.

Stayed tuned in the coming weeks for updates on the byBlade line launch!