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Peterborough Micro-Needle Training

Blade had the pleasure of educating his exclusive micro-needle and stem cell protocols recently at a Medi-Spa in Peterborough Ontario.
Below are some pictures from the event.
If you are in the Peterborough area and would like advanced micro-needle treatments please contact this clinic you will not be disappointed.

img_2750 img_2958 img_2960 img_2963 img_2964 img_2875

Vancouver ESI Congress 2016

Blade had the pleasure of lecturing at this years Vancouver ESI (Aesthetic Spa International) congress in February 2016.

Blade’s lecture was sponsored by Elaspa™ & ElaProMed™ and was about transdermal delivery techniques using electroporation for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, acne and rosacea clearance, pigmentation reduction as well as pain management.

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The promotional material for Blade’s lecture at ESI Congress:

Scan 1 EPM1a EPM1b

White Rock BC PRP/Micro-Needle Training

Blade had the pleasure of teaching his exclusive PRP, Micro-Neelde, Mesotherapy and his trademarked MiniVamp™ procedure to 3 doctors in White Rock British Columbia in April.

Below are a few pictures from this private training seminar.

If you would like a treatment in British Columbia with one of these talented doctors please contact Blade for more information.








Testimonial from this training:

Blade has revolutionized microneedling!  His experience and dedication to aesthetics surpass any instructor and clinician.

Blade’s novel techniques and teaching style have inspired me to confidently refocus my practice to deliver aesthetic services with superior results.

Retooled with his knowledge and my Dermapen, my patients’ skin is healthy, lustrous and their faces resculpted naturally.

Thank you, Blade!
Dr. Grace Francescato, ND



Atlanta PRP/Micro-Needling Training @ Dermapenworld™

Blade was recently in Atlanta at the Dermapenworld™ head office training his exclusive procedures to a few doctors (from Atlanta & NYC) as well as their nurse staff.

Aside from being great people to educate my exclusive procedures too, not to mention a beautiful clinic to teach in, the weather was absolutely sunny, warm and beautiful all week.

IMG_7226 IMG_7225 (1) IMG_7232

IMG_8509 IMG_8472 IMG_8455 IMG_8446 IMG_8400 IMG_8395 IMG_8324 IMG_8150 IMG_8186 IMG_8219 IMG_8093 IMG_8073 IMG_8030 IMG_8034 IMG_8041 IMG_8056 IMG_8059 IMG_8017 IMG_8002 IMG_7977 IMG_7919 IMG_7942 IMG_7965 IMG_7857 IMG_7787 IMG_7802 IMG_7809 IMG_7761 IMG_7733 IMG_7706 IMG_7673 IMG_7696 IMG_7698 IMG_7672 IMG_7638 IMG_7598 IMG_7490 IMG_7494 IMG_7526 IMG_7475 IMG_7427 IMG_7414 IMG_7408 IMG_7404 IMG_7328 IMG_7325 IMG_7314 IMG_7310 IMG_7293 IMG_7278 IMG_7232

Philadelphia PRP, Micro-Needle & Mesotherapy Training November 2015

Blade enjoyed educating his exclusive PRP, Micro-Needle, Multi-Trepanic Actuation and Mesotherapy protocols at this medical office just outside of Philadelphia.

This office is now practicing Blade’s advanced protocols, if you are in the area and would like an amazing treatment please check out the clinic here.

A few pictures from this training are posted below:

IMG_4921 IMG_4981 IMG_5005 IMG_5016 IMG_5017 IMG_5024 IMG_5038 IMG_5043 IMG_5072 IMG_5074 IMG_5079 IMG_5083 IMG_5085 IMG_5099

Toledo Ohio PRP, Micro-Needling and Mesotherapy Training October 2015

I had the pleasure of teaching my exclusive PRP, Micro-Needle, Mesotherapy and anti-aging protocols at a Doctors office in Toledo Ohio this past weekend.

This office was truly amazing and a total pleasure to educate at and best of all everyone had fun and enjoyed the seminar.

If you find yourself in the Toledo Ohio area and looking for anti-aging, skin regeneration and/or pain management as well as CoolSculpting™ procedures please look up this office, you will not be disappointed.

Below are a few pictures from this event:

IMG_2890 IMG_2900 IMG_2926 IMG_2928 IMG_2938 IMG_2939
IMG_2944 IMG_2946 IMG_2950 IMG_2968 IMG_3042 IMG_3045 IMG_3052
IMG_3068 IMG_3072 IMG_3074 IMG_3117 IMG_3125 IMG_3126 IMG_3170 IMG_3253 IMG_3327 IMG_3328 IMG_3457 IMG_3469 IMG_3558 IMG_3573 IMG_3997 IMG_4063 IMG_4064 IMG_4065 IMG_4095



New Jersey PRP & Micro-Needle Training October 2015

I had the pleasure of teaching my exclusive PRP, Micro-Needle, Mesotherapy and anti-aging protocols at a Doctor office in New Jersey. 

This office was truly amazing, not only were they a total pleasure to educate but they also did some futuristic injections for some pain I have been suffering from that completely helped.

If you find yourself in the New Jersey area and looking for anti-aging, skin regeneration and/or pain management please look up this office, you will not be disappointed.

Below are a few pictures from this event:

IMG_2379 IMG_1870 IMG_2474 IMG_2441 IMG_2557 IMG_2482
IMG_2591 IMG_2663 IMG_2802 IMG_2831

Napa Valley PRP Micro-Needle Training August 2015

Back in California for the third time this month and I have no complaints. The weather is simply wonderful and the people I am training continue to be amazingly passionate and extremely accommodating.

I had the pleasure of spending my nights in Sonoma and my days teaching PRP and Medical Micro-Needling in beautiful Napa Valley to two very dynamic anti-aging doctors.

IMG_1623 IMG_1574 IMG_1534 IMG_1509 IMG_1487 IMG_1355 IMG_1337 IMG_1256

California PRP Micro-Needle Training August 2015

I had the pleasure of teaching PRP and Medical Micro-Needling as well as my personal protocols at a famous clinic in California during my second trip to LA during August.

What an amazing staff, I truly enjoyed teaching at this clinic and the weather was also spectacular.

If you are ever in the South Pasadena area book an appointment at this clinic, you will not be disappointed.

IMG_0753 IMG_0734 IMG_0587 IMG_0497 IMG_0389 IMG_0365 IMG_1222 IMG_1221 IMG_0340 IMG_0338 IMG_0332 IMG_0312


Elapromed clinical training

I recently had the pleasure of holding a clinical training for elapromed. 

I enjoy educating for this organic skin care brand and the unique transdermal delivery technology they offer.

Below are a few pictures from the training held in Oakville ON.

This clinic staff were a pleasure to work with and I am sure they will surpass their patients desires with this technology.

IMG_0979 IMG_1006 IMG_1026 IMG_1043 IMG_1045
IMG_1071 IMG_1075


NYC PRP training with LifeForm Healing Research

I was back in NYC again later this month to educate facial PRP and my unique micro-needling protocols with LifeForm Healing Research.

This time I had the pleasure of teaching my exclusive techniques in a beautiful and extremely established office in the upper east side of Manhattan. 

Ben and I enjoyed a day of fun in NYC before our 2 days of training, afterwards we had the pleasure of flying to Los Angeles for a week of meetings in Beverley Hills and surrounding areas of LA.

We truly had an amazing time at this office in NYC, the doctor, staff and patients were all wonderful to work with and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

IMG_0256 IMG_0258

Our first time flying from JFK to LAX….super excited!


The view from our Beverley Hills condo for the week…


Driving around while out exploring (and shopping 🙂

IMG_0455 IMG_0460 IMG_0461

We managed to find time to also visit Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Malibu during our stay in LA…with perfect weather everyday!IMG_0608 IMG_0615 IMG_0630 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0650 IMG_0661

We spent hours @ Kitson 🙂IMG_0666

Blade’s favourite brand…IMG_0670

Back home in Beverley HillsIMG_0690 IMG_0709

IMG_0037 IMG_0039


After an afternoon meeting we decided to check out Venice beach.IMG_0790

Yes please….2…his and his 🙂


The view from the panoramic rooftop patio at our condo Blu Beverley Hills.


Ben having fun with a product we use and retail in our clinic and a sales associate @ Kitson on Melrose.IMG_0843

Enjoying lunch @ Real Food Daily with our friend Anna Stahl of Lifeform Healing Research.IMG_0852

Time to leave and return to our clinic.IMG_0871

We are looking forward to going back in three weeks to teach at 2 celebrity doctors offices in Los Angeles…pictures of our travels will follow soon!

Training needling & PRP in NYC with LifeForm Healing Research

I was invited to New York City this past weekend to educate my exclusive micro-needling and PRP protocols at 2 separate Doctors offices for a company called LifeForm Healing Research from Beverley Hills.

It was both a pleasure as well as an honour to educate my techniques to both of these Doctors and I look forward to working again with LifeForm Healing Research in the future.

Below are a few pictures taken during the training.

IMG_0050 IMG_0059 IMG_0205


We also enjoyed a day in the city before teaching and managed to visit some of our favourite restaurants, shops and neighbourhoods…below are a few pictures taken while we were out enjoying the city.


IMG_0068 IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0074 IMG_0078 IMG_0096 IMG_0119 IMG_0136 IMG_0139 IMG_0143 IMG_0146 IMG_0152



2015 Vancouver World Congress of Dermatology

I worked this years 23rd World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver, educating on the topic of Electroporation for elaspa™ and elapromed™ as well as a guest appearance micro-needling for Dermapen Worldwide.

Below are a few pictures of highlights from the event:

Educating electroporation and mesotherapy on the congress floor for elapromed™ Canada.




Arriving at the beautiful elapromed™ Training Center in Kitsilano.

photo 1

The warm welcome and champagne toast upon our arrival at the elapromed™ training center.

photo 4

Educating dermatologist on the elapromed™technology as well as exclusive anti-aging protocols in the training center in Kitsilano.

photo 2

Another class at the center, I held a total of 4 VIP classes at the  elapromed™ training center during my 10 day tour of 1

On the congress floor with Dermapen™ Worldwide.

IMG_9436 IMG_9492 IMG_9495 IMG_9501 IMG_9502 IMG_9503 IMG_9530 IMG_9543 IMG_9559 IMG_9639

Invitations that were given to the dermatologist attending the congress from elapromed™.


I also held a training seminar in Nanaimo @ the Vancouver Island elapromed™ Flagship clinic “Rich1 Beauty”.

IMG_9764 IMG_9795 IMG_9840 IMG_9886 IMG_9925 IMG_9931 IMG_9934 IMG_9944 IMG_9957 IMG_9986

ElaSpa™ rainforest media tour promotion.

11196359_977086265688694_2132331908311721024_n 11183458_977086342355353_3427771321691064691_n-1

Below are some of the promotional videos we took while touring spas in Costa Rica. 

While enjoying paradise our mandate as ambassadors from ElaSpa™ Canada was to promote brand awareness both on-line using social media as well as in Costa Rica itself. 

We had an amazing time and we met some fabulous people both visitors and locals alike.

Watch some of the videos below to see some of the sites and people we saw along our travels.

The trouble with traveling to the rainforest during rainy season…good morning from beautiful Costa Rica.

We met these guys while enjoying the free hot springs located just outside the Tabacon entrance. These springs are frequented mostly by locals however tourist are warmly welcomed.

We filmed another ElaSpa™ promotional giveaway at this really great vegetarian restaurant called Moya’s Place. In this video Ben offers Moya’s wife a luxury organic ElaSpa™ skin care product.

We had a great time at Hotel Costa De Mar and really enjoyed the beach…we swam in the water all day! The massage Blade enjoyed on the beach during sunset was really good too, here is a quick video with the massage therapists and our tour guide from Flacos Tours.

Our first ElaSpa™ product giveaway at Tabacon Resort.

Meet some of the amazing managers at Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa and Resort.

During our second day enjoying the amazing Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa, we enjoyed a couples massage and private balneotherapy in our own private jungle retreat. Here is another short video of us giving away some ElaSpa™ products this time to the spa managers and staff.

Ben shooting a quick promotional ElaSpa™ “hello” while enjoying one of the many unbelievable hot springs in Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort.

Waterfalls from inside Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort.

Our room at Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort, pure opulence and luxury in the heart of the rainforest.

What is even better than the rooms at Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort?…….the bathrooms!

We drove by Toad Hall every day during our tour of Costa Rica and on our last day before heading to Rio Perdido we decided to finally stop and see what Toad Hall was all about. We were really glad we did, the people were extremely friendly and the place was very unique with gifts, food and a killer view overlooking lake Arenal and miles of exotic tree tops and wildlife.

We finally made it to Rio Perdido which from Tabacon is about 3 hours depending on the road conditions and traffic. We literally dropped our baggage off in our tree house and headed straight for the hot springs and thermal river on the grounds, we had it all to ourselves the entire afternoon. Watch the video above to see how peaceful the springs at Rio Perdido are…totally serene!

On our way up to swim in the thermal pool at the main lodge we decided to take a walk across the suspension bridge and play with the monkeys. In the video above watch Ben get a little too close while taunting them.

Meet Mario, one of the amazingly friendly staff at Rio Perdido who truly made our stay absolutely amazing. For that Mario deserved some free ElaSpa™for doing such an great job!

The staff truly were amazing at Rio Perdido and really took care of our every need, in this video Ben gives managers of the resort and the spa some ElaSpa™ skin care and thanks them for their hospitality.

We can’t wait to go back again!

We managed to save a few products back for a really special person, Elieser from Flacos Tours. Without his services our tour of Costa Rica would not have been the same, from private waterfalls, secret beaches and even dining in some authentic restaurants in downtown Liberia and La Fortuna…he really made us feel like family…thank you Flacos 🙂

We will post more pictures and videos as we download them soon….

Vancouver ESI Congress 2015

I was in Vancouver again this February for the ESI congress (Esthetic Spa International), teaching micro-needling and Meta-therapy for Dermatude™Canada.


The congress began on Sunday the 15th was is a 2 day event. I also had a private Meta-therapy class for Dermatude™ Canada on the 17th.

Watch the video below for highlights from the

2015 ESI Vancouver congress.

Click here to see highlights of Blade teaching at last years ESI for Dermatude™ Canada.

Click here to see Blade teaching advanced needling for Dermatude™ Canada in Vancouver.