2015 Vancouver World Congress of Dermatology

I worked this years 23rd World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver, educating on the topic of Electroporation for elaspa™ and elapromed™ as well as a guest appearance micro-needling for Dermapen Worldwide.

Below are a few pictures of highlights from the event:

Educating electroporation and mesotherapy on the congress floor for elapromed™ Canada.




Arriving at the beautiful elapromed™ Training Center in Kitsilano.

photo 1

The warm welcome and champagne toast upon our arrival at the elapromed™ training center.

photo 4

Educating dermatologist on the elapromed™technology as well as exclusive anti-aging protocols in the training center in Kitsilano.

photo 2

Another class at the center, I held a total of 4 VIP classes at the  elapromed™ training center during my 10 day tour of Vancouver.photo 1

On the congress floor with Dermapen™ Worldwide.

IMG_9436 IMG_9492 IMG_9495 IMG_9501 IMG_9502 IMG_9503 IMG_9530 IMG_9543 IMG_9559 IMG_9639

Invitations that were given to the dermatologist attending the congress from elapromed™.


I also held a training seminar in Nanaimo @ the Vancouver Island elapromed™ Flagship clinic “Rich1 Beauty”.

IMG_9764 IMG_9795 IMG_9840 IMG_9886 IMG_9925 IMG_9931 IMG_9934 IMG_9944 IMG_9957 IMG_9986