ElaSpa™ rainforest media tour promotion.

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Below are some of the promotional videos we took while touring spas in Costa Rica. 

While enjoying paradise our mandate as ambassadors from ElaSpa™ Canada was to promote brand awareness both on-line using social media as well as in Costa Rica itself. 

We had an amazing time and we met some fabulous people both visitors and locals alike.

Watch some of the videos below to see some of the sites and people we saw along our travels.

The trouble with traveling to the rainforest during rainy season…good morning from beautiful Costa Rica.

We met these guys while enjoying the free hot springs located just outside the Tabacon entrance. These springs are frequented mostly by locals however tourist are warmly welcomed.

We filmed another ElaSpa™ promotional giveaway at this really great vegetarian restaurant called Moya’s Place. In this video Ben offers Moya’s wife a luxury organic ElaSpa™ skin care product.

We had a great time at Hotel Costa De Mar and really enjoyed the beach…we swam in the water all day! The massage Blade enjoyed on the beach during sunset was really good too, here is a quick video with the massage therapists and our tour guide from Flacos Tours.

Our first ElaSpa™ product giveaway at Tabacon Resort.

Meet some of the amazing managers at Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa and Resort.

During our second day enjoying the amazing Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa, we enjoyed a couples massage and private balneotherapy in our own private jungle retreat. Here is another short video of us giving away some ElaSpa™ products this time to the spa managers and staff.

Ben shooting a quick promotional ElaSpa™ “hello” while enjoying one of the many unbelievable hot springs in Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort.

Waterfalls from inside Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort.

Our room at Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort, pure opulence and luxury in the heart of the rainforest.

What is even better than the rooms at Tabacon Le Grand Thermal Spa & Resort?…….the bathrooms!

We drove by Toad Hall every day during our tour of Costa Rica and on our last day before heading to Rio Perdido we decided to finally stop and see what Toad Hall was all about. We were really glad we did, the people were extremely friendly and the place was very unique with gifts, food and a killer view overlooking lake Arenal and miles of exotic tree tops and wildlife.

We finally made it to Rio Perdido which from Tabacon is about 3 hours depending on the road conditions and traffic. We literally dropped our baggage off in our tree house and headed straight for the hot springs and thermal river on the grounds, we had it all to ourselves the entire afternoon. Watch the video above to see how peaceful the springs at Rio Perdido are…totally serene!

On our way up to swim in the thermal pool at the main lodge we decided to take a walk across the suspension bridge and play with the monkeys. In the video above watch Ben get a little too close while taunting them.

Meet Mario, one of the amazingly friendly staff at Rio Perdido who truly made our stay absolutely amazing. For that Mario deserved some free ElaSpa™for doing such an great job!

The staff truly were amazing at Rio Perdido and really took care of our every need, in this video Ben gives managers of the resort and the spa some ElaSpa™ skin care and thanks them for their hospitality.

We can’t wait to go back again!

We managed to save a few products back for a really special person, Elieser from Flacos Tours. Without his services our tour of Costa Rica would not have been the same, from private waterfalls, secret beaches and even dining in some authentic restaurants in downtown Liberia and La Fortuna…he really made us feel like family…thank you Flacos 🙂

We will post more pictures and videos as we download them soon….